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9201N-RF-100 Fall Down Detector for OEM

ElderCare:  Fall-down detector for bathroom/bedroom


Main Purpose

   Detect the human that fall down in bathroom/bedroom and need to help.   
    Withput IP Cam in bathroom/bedroom for privacy.   
    Design  by energy sensor to detect the energy from human body.



1. Sensor specification:
  -Detect area:
     - Distance: 3M
     - Angel : 35 degree
  - Detection method:
     - 10~15uM wavelength FIR.
     - Analysis energy status to know fall-down and need help.
 2, IoT Gateway Specification
   - Build IoT 2.4Ghz RF receiver.
   - Support Night view for IR.
3, App suppport
   - iOS and Android 
   - App : AllCam (Download from Apple store / Google play).



-Hospital , Elder care
-SmartHome application.