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Face Recognition with temperature sensor

Now, Face recognition technology is more and more popular.  It could provide the method for picture into ID.   Now, try to combine human temperature sensor for certain application like school, restaurant ......    Need to combine temperature with ID 

Face Recognition

1. Support Microsoft Azure platform for face recognition.
2. Support pose, gender, age, head pose, facial hair, and glasses.
3. Internet link is necessary.


Fast Temperature sensor

1. support contactless method to measure human temperature.
2. Fast detection in 2 seconds.
3. Detection:
     3.1 Distance: 30 ~ 40 cm.
     3.2 Angel: 35 degree.

What could we provide :

 1. Development kit :

     1.1 Raspberry Pi  demo board + USB Cam +  Temperature detector sensor.

     1.2 Python source code.