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What could Human hot Spot do ?

It is possible for you to know human hot spot.  What is human hot spot ?  What kind benefit could it provide ?   

What is human hot spot ?

Human is living body with energy. Humn body could have temperature about 36 ~38 degree C.  This temperature will have IR 10~15um wavelength out.  

Please use enger view to look human body as energy body.  

What could human hot spot do ?
1. Enery saving.
2. Security
3. Home automation.
4. Smart Controller
5. Others.


We will prepare more product and concept for human hot spot.


Direction of Human movement

Human hot spot is the direction of movement.  If we could know the direction of movement, something could do like:
1. Open door 2. Open the light 3. .....


Human Flow : Smart Retail

Human hot spot could be checked for smart retail information.   Where are visitors ?   Do they interest on the products ?


Fire Detector

Of course, fire is the hot-spot.   Detect this kind hot-spot.  It is very easy.


Security of public toilet

Especially for women,  when they go to pblic toilet, their security is always a prolems.   Human hot-spot could know whether someone is in public toilet.  If they could know this information, they could protect themself.