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Module: Temperature monitor

If you want to use Zigbee, Zwave, WiFi, BLE.... other IoT wireless protocol,  it msi hard for us to provide all interfaces.  Therfore,  using UART interface to support more customers.   Contact with us to now more.

1. Module include:
    1.1 ThermalPile array sensor module
    1.2 process module
2. Main interface:
    2.1  UART 19200, 8N1
    2.2  API document (Need to NDA).
3. Temperature monitor specification
    3.1 Distance : 30 ~ 40 cm.
    3.2 Accuracy: +- 0.2 °C
    3.3 24 Hours watch temperature monitor.
    3.4 alert for high temperature, and  baby out of bed.