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Slippage Detection System

At home, the bathroom is a place that commonly sees use, but can be a wet and slippery place.

Bathroom: A highly private area

Take care of your family members. The bathroom is a very private place for everyone, for the elderly especially, it is also a place with many hidden dangers. When the bathroom door is closed we need a good way to monitor their safety with low false positives, to reduce the dangers of such an environment.

Product Specs

1.1 Features:
1.1.1 Using 8*8 Thermopile to capture the temperature of human body.
1.1.2 Using 32Bit Cortex M0+ 48Mhz for main processor.
1.2 Thermopile Specification:
1.2.1 FOV:35 degree.
1.2.2 Distance : 3M (The error will be relative to distance.)
1.3 MCU Specification:
1.3.1 NXP KL03 Serial MCU
1.3.2 Cortex M0+ 32Bit/48Mhz.
1.3.3 Support IO Interface : I2C, UART, SPI, GPIO
1.3.4 Support 12 bit ADC
1.3.5 Build-in RTC / PWM.

2.0 Physical & Environment
2.1 Power
-18650 Li Battery cell * 2
-3.7V Li-Battery specification.
2.2 Operation environment Temperature
- 20 ~ 30 ℃
2.3 Storage Temperature
- 20 to 50 ℃
2.4 Power consumption:
2.4.1 Max : 35mA@5V
2.4.2 Normal : 15mA@5V
2.5 Humidity
20-80% RH non-condensing