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Huamn Location Detection

A new detector for a human in space ?  Where is he ?   What activity is he ?  Need to care ?   Yes,  thermal information could be judged for something.  
Contact with us to know more about thermal information.

General Specification

1. Human Loction for hot-spot.
2. Output 8*8 hot-spot with highest temerature.
3. Connect to Cloud database for big data.



1. Elder Care :  Elder activity.
2.Elderli living alone.
3. Human in room, meeeting room ?


elderly living alone

For Elder living aline, care about them.  Need to know what  status fpr him.   Yes, using human hot-spot detection.  
1. Know where is he ?
2. How long does he stay at the same location ?
3. Which area does he stay ?  Bathroom ? bedroom ? Door ?....  How to judeg ?

Know more about human hot-sport.  It could help us to know more about his activity.  Then, know how to help them.


Human detection in meeting room ?

Energy saving for office.  It is very common conception.   Normally, all people will be forget.   Now, we provide the solution.  To detect whether human is in meeting room ?   Human "In",  you need to turn on something.   Human "Out",  you need to turn off something.   It could help to make power saving with ease.


Restricted area

Someone go into Restricted area ?  Yes, it could be detected now.


Dry burning detection

In kitchen, we cook something with a long time.  Once, phone call.   We talk to foget about cooking in kitchen.  It is very dangerous.  Now,  we could provide you a good way to remind and alarm.


Object Track

The thermal from Human could be tracked about the direction.  Of course, if you know about the direction of movement, a lot of interested job could be done.