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A new generation of smart home infant care series of temperature detectors.
Smart Bridge Information officially launched a new generation of intelligent home, infant care series of temperature detectors to help solve the issues of having a newborn baby, namely helping monitor their temperature.

Traditionally, when a child is born, the joys of being a parent is indescribable. When a child is sick, we take the advice of professional nurses and doctors. However, there is still a great deal of time that we have to take care of the child at home, and night time is especially trying.

When the baby is struck with fever, our goal is night-time temperature monitoring. We hope to design an aide to help parents to take care of the issue described. We designed a temperature monitor, that detects the body temperature through the infrared waves the body emits. It is a continuous-process detection, to let the parents feel at ease and sleep until the temperature reaches a customizable threshold then take the initiative to wake up the parents through the warning alarm. And take the steps and care needed and adviced by doctors and nurses. This device intends let the parents get some much needed sleep throughout a tough night.

The temperature sensor, detects heat through the infrared absorption that the body's emits and to converts to temperature through calculations. No radiation emissions, and at the same time, is a low-power product, that can be used with a peace of mind.

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