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9100N-WiFi Baby Temperature Monitor

If your baby is sick, when is fever for your baby what could you do in midnight ?  Now, 9100N-WiFi Baby temperature is a good solution to fix your issue.


1. Wifi support 802.11bgn / WPA/WPA2 encryption in 14 channels.
  1.1 Support WiFi smartConfigure
  1.2 Support WiFi AP mode.
  1.3 Tuya IoT solution platform.
2. OLED to display temperature.
3. Temperature specification:
  3.1 Detect distance: 30~40cm.
  3.2Detect angel: 35 degree
  3.3Accuracy: ±0.2°C
4.Easy to setup and install for baby bed.
5. APP support iOS and Android.



1. Home application for baby nurse.
2. Confinement center


Baby Nurse