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Non-Contact Temperature Monitor

The world's first non-contact approach to temperature monitoring, combined with the concept of Internet of Things, makes long-term monitoring of temperature an easy task.

To ease the hardship of parents with children under one year old. To help monitor their fever during the night, so the parents can get a good nights sleep.


1. Non-contact design, health and safety.
2, High precision, relaible temperature detection.
3. No need for a hot spot, can find the highest point of temperature to find the actual temperature value.
4. No need to wake the baby, unlike a traditional thermometer.
5. Parents can sleep well, if the childr has a high fever, automatic alarm.
6. Of course, it can also be used as a general thermometer, measuring water temperature, pet temperature, room temperature, and other related non-contact temperatures.

Product Specifications

1. Through the infrared waves generated by body heat, to achieve temperature detection.
2. Detection range: 10 to 40 cm.
3. Accuracy: room temperature conditions, you need to control the work in the -40 to 125 degrees Celsius. Different working temperature, will produce different precision. Practical application-based.
4. Measurable temperature range: Celsius -40 ~ 400 degrees.