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1.  ElderCare:  Slippage Detection / Fall Down detection:
     In Bathroom and bedroom,  we never have a good wy to detect elder OK for not,   Now, Fall Down detector could help you to check whether elder slippage down or fall down.   They need to help.   We make alram for outside people to help him.

2. Human Position Detection:
     A lot of time, we wish to know the activity of elder is Ok or not.   There is no good way to do thi kind feature.  Now, from Human Position Detector, yes, you could know whether he is ok or not ok.   Using a simple way to do.  Ask us to know.

3. In school, fever is a headache job for each class.   Now, FaceRecognition with 2 second temperature detection.   You could know about this student : ID and temperature.   Then, it will be a easy job.