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 8810S-RF  (New)

The 8810S-RF is an IoT network camera with the RF-Link technology from SmartBridge. It is fully self-developed, increasing the distance and allowing the device to transmit farther.
1. Can directly add other sensors.
2. IP cam, Night Vision Support, High Definition Quality
3. The product passes CE/FCC certification


9200N-RF Slipper Down Detector

The 9200N-RF is a newly developed product that has the ability to monitor and measure temperature at all times, and transmits the results to the host of the 8301S-RF, passing it to the cloud.
1. Test distance: 3 meters.
2. Angle: 35 degrees,
3. Operating temperature range Celsius ~30 degrees



1, App:
      1.1 Non-China Area, Download from Android Play / Apple STore. Please download "AllCam" App.
      1.2 中國地區, 請至應用寶下載 iAllCam
2. 安裝手冊:

如果你需要其他的溫度範圍應用, 請聯絡我們