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9100N-RF Baby Temperature Monitor Sensor

Baby is our family's new life, take care of your baby, baby temperature monitoring sensor, help you to observe the child's temperature change overnight, without contact, sleep well overnight.With the temperature alarm, when you set the temperature, automatic alarm, let you Care is easier.


The product is not the same as the normal temperature detection product. It is non-contact and the distance can be up to 40cm. Because the child is not exposed, the temperature of the child can be observed for a long time.

Easy Install and Higher Safty

As long as you are connected, you can use it. If you are worried that it is not installed, we have an indicator to assist you and tell you if the installation location is correct. At the same time, the target energy is infrared emitted by the human body. This product does not actually emit infrared rays. For children, it is safe and reliable


Working Method

The human being is a constant temperature. It emits an infrared light through the constant temperature, and can analyze the relative temperature of the person through the collected infrared rays. Because it is the infrared light emitted by the human body, the system is a low-energy product and can be used with ease..


-Low Power: Average is low than 50mW.
-Indicate LED:  Paring and detect area.
-Detect distance :  Up to 20 ~40cm
-Detect range:  A 35 degree formed by a vertebral body.
-Operation temperature :  20 to 30 degrees Celsius