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IoT Camera:  8301S-RF  (New)

The 8301S-RF is an IoT network camera with the RF-Link technology from SmartBridge. It is fully self-developed, which increases the distance and allows the device to transmit farther.
1. Can directly add other sensors.
2. IP cam, Night Vision Support, High Definition Quality
3. With PT function, although you can turn to see the child's condition
4. The product passes CE/FCC certification


 9100N-RF Baby Temperature Monitor Sensor

The 9100N-RF is a newly developed product that has the ability to monitor and measure temperature at all times, and transmits the results to the host of the 8301S-RF, passing it to the cloud.
1. Test distance: 10~40 cm.
2. Angle: 35 degrees, it is recommended to use a button above the sensor to determine the position.
3. Operating temperature range 20 to 30 degrees Celsius
4. Can measure the Object temperature range of the object: 23.2 ~ 100 degrees Celsius.



1, App:
      1.1 Non-China, Download from Android Play / Apple STore AllCam.
      1.2 China, 請至應用寶下載 iAllCam
2. User Manuel.

If need to other temperature range, call us, please !