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8811S-RF IoT Gateway

IoT Gateway 

The main function of the Internet of Things is to pass a non-TCP/IP data through RF-Link, make a transition, and change it into a standard TCP/IP network packet so that it can meet the basics of the Internet. Therefore, the function of Netscape is to handle the conversion of two different communication protocols.


Product Specification

1. ARM9 450Mhz, Linux platform.
2. Support network protocols:
      2.1 WIFI 802.11bgn Hardware (RTL8188)
      2.2 Ethernet 10/100 Network Connector
      2.3 2.4Ghz RF-Link IoT communication protocol.
3. Agreement to support the Internet of Things:
      3.1 MQTT Communication Protocol
      3.2 REST Communication Protocol
      3.3 Standard CGI Communication Protocol.
4. Supports SD card, can update Firmware, also support OTA (Network Update)
5. Supported sensors, please refer to.