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Non-contact temperature monitoring

The world’s first non-contact method, as a temperature monitoring product, combined with the concept of the Internet of Things, turns the long-term monitoring temperature into an easy and easy job.

Only to solve the hardships of the parents, the child will have a fever before he is a year old. How to solve the night care problem and get a good night's sleep.


1. Non-contact design, health and safety.
2, high accuracy, so that the detection temperature becomes reliable.
3. Do not need to address a hot spot, you can find the highest point of the temperature yourself. Find out the actual temperature value.
4. The baby sleeps all night. It doesn't need to be like an ear thermometer and it will awaken the baby.
5. Parents can also get a complete sleep. If they encounter a child with high fever, they will automatically alarm.
6. Of course, it can also be used as a general thermometer to measure water temperature, pet temperature, room temperature, and other non-contact temperature.


1. Through the human body heat, the infrared wave produced, to achieve the purpose of detection.
2. Detection distance: 10 ~ 40 cm.
3. Accuracy: Room temperature conditions need to be controlled within -40 ~ 125 degrees Celsius. Different working temperatures will produce different degrees of accuracy.
4. Measurable temperature range: -40 ~ 400 degrees Celsius.



寶貝生病了怎麼辦呢 ? 他最好的照顧, 就是最佳的關懷. 整夜的照顧, 讓父母也能安心睡眠, 監測小孩的溫度 就是最好的方法,



不是只有針對嬰兒, 我們也對家庭的安全, 提共完整解決方法.


全球首創-非接觸式, 溫度監測

這是一個歷經兩年研發, 高精準度的溫度監測系統, 低單價, 方便使用, 我們在未來將提共, 更多更方便的工具. 讓大家對於溫度, 將會發現, 溫度和家庭生活, 真是密切相關.



別煩惱, 家中沒有網路, 就不能用溫度監測嗎 ? 別擔心, 只要電源插上, 就可以直接使用.