Fall-Down Detector

Fall-down accidents are the second leading cause of death in the elderly. According to the National Health Service's survey data, one out of every five elderly people over the age of 65 has fallen; the incidence of falls in elderly people over 80 years old is as high as 50%, and the death rate of the elderly due to falls compared with other age groups. highest.

One is to make preventive falls, such as adding handrails and adding slip pads, so that the chance of falling is greatly reduced. The second is to detect after falling, so that the fall can not help themselves, need friends and relatives outside to help, let fall Detection, it becomes a remedy.

Now, New method is coming.  9200N-RF Fall-down detecter sensor for bathroom/bedroom.


Accuracy for Fall-Down Detect 

This kind alarm is very terrible.  The product must be more accuracy.  False alarm rate must be lower as possible.



In bedroom/bathroom, it is very high privacy space.  So, the detection method must be no privacy issue.  Especially in bathroom, it is more privacy.


Quick Detection response

Except fasl alarm rate, the detection response will be important.


No Wearing Device

For elder, wearling device is useless.  Few elder , they could accept wearing device and charge battery.  Normal case, they will not use wearing device.

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Family - Bathroom Slip Detection

The bathroom is a hidden crisis for the elderly in the family. The bathroom slipped. The family may not be able to know it immediately, and then it can be saved. It usually takes a while. It doesn’t feel right.
          We have developed a new method to detect the current state of the human body through behavioral detection of the human body and to find out if it slips into a coma. At this time, the more we can call the police in advance, the more we can let our families know about first aid and stay away from serious illness. ..
Kit included:

1. Slip detection sensor
2. Emergency button (electronic key)
3. 8810S-RF IoT camera, or 8811S-RF Internet of Things

Practical application example:
1. Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan has been introduced into the system

Specification: Please contact the relevant agent, or related business, for more detailed information.


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