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IoT - Gateway 8811S-GW

A Gateway's main role is to integrate two or more signals and process them.

Big Data Analytics Exchange

1. Sensor data are all processed by the gateway. Then uploaded to the cloud database.
2. Gateway is used for data processing, an intermediate processor in M2M.

Easy To Install, Easier To Use.

1. Connect your RJ45 (ethernet), scan the ID and set-up is complete,
2. Everything controlled through the smartphone APP, and configured to go through the NAT/firewall. No need to worry about connection.


1. Connect relevant sensors through the pairing process.
2. Can use M2M to interestingly connect more sensors directly.

Various Protocols

We developed:
1. 2.4 GHz RF / Wi-Fi / RJ45 Gateway.
2. BLE/ Wi-Fi under development. Come to us with your specifications!